Project Portfolio



Homeland Creamery is family owned and operated by the Bowman’s; six and seventh generation farmers and have been raising Holstein cows on the same homestead for the last four generations. In the 1930’s our grandfather, Roy Bowman, started selling ‘barnyard milk’ from half a dozen dairy cows that were milked by hand.”  The milking herd has now grown to over 200 cows, both Holstein and Jersey.

AgValue was hired as an agri-business specialist by American Farm Mortgage to value the going-concern of the dairy. The operation included the traditional dairy in addition to the onsite creamery where the dairy milk is converted to a line of various dairy products such as yogurt, ice cream, butter, and many other dairy products. The valuation included real estate, machinery & equipment, and business value. In Addition, AgValue has been involved in multiple dairy valuation assignments and is considered an expert in this specialized area of expertise.