Project Portfolio

Grain Facility


Largest Grain Storage Facility east of the Mississippi; 5 million tons of grain capacity. AgValue was hired as one of the only agri-business specialists in the southeast U.S. competent to value the facility by analyzing both market and business income in order to determine its going-concern value.

The property includes a multi-bin grain storage/elevator facility originally constructed in the mid 70's and added to periodically with the latest improvements including a 1,334,000 BU vertical bin constructed in 2013; in addition, a 1,793,124 BU horizonal temporary storage was added in 2017. The property also includes other contributions of a 3674 SF office, and multiple warehouse, shop, and utility buildings. The property is equipped with (2) 70' 100,000 lb capacity scales. In addition, all legs, heads, and drags have been replaced since the original purchase of the current owners in 2002. Added on 2012 is an approximate 2600 lin ft rail spur with a 50-car capacity and 30,000/hr load-out leg. Also included is 40,000/hr LP gas dryer.